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Career Exploration

Hello, I'm the Director of Alumni Support, Marieljane Bastien (Massachusetts '13)! I'm tasked with helping you in the next steps of your career. Whether that's moving into leadership at your school or heading to another career, I'm here to support you through it! 

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Interested in pursuing a new role or career change? Follow the steps below to ensure you are making a move that’s best for your future.


Internally Reflect

  • Note your strengths and the parts of your current role that you feel add purpose and meaning to your life

  • Reflect on how you want to impact the opportunity gap

  • While thinking about your role itself and the organization you work for, consider your preferences in level of coaching/support, amount of autonomy, pay, level of flexibility, type of work, whether you provide direct or indirect service, and amount of expected collaboration among colleagues.

    • What do you currently enjoy about your job?

    • What do you wish were different in your current job?


Engage your current organization, if you can

  • Consider whether staying at your current place of employment would be an option. Is your current job providing you opportunities to grow and develop the skills you need to have in order to achieve your occupational dream?

  • Talk with your supervisor about your experience and what you’d like to see change (role, responsibilities, support, etc.)



Learn more about other opportunities 


Reach out to hiring managers

  • If you're unsure how to begin this conversation, use this helpful template

  • Or you can reach out to Marieljane and see if she can make an e-connection for you! 

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